Marina Fire
A Century of Boat Owners
and Stewards
Years Owners   Where she was moored Notes
1914-1917 Jacox 3 years Tacoma
  • Eastern Standard 16-18 hp gasoline engine.
  • Almost destroyed in Tacoma storm.
1917-1924 Paterson 7 years Orcas Island (summer home)
  • Almost lost when she slipped her mooring buoy and crossed into Canada on her own.
1924-1927 Voorhees 3 years    
1927-1929 Graybill 2 years    
1929-1944 Conrad 15 years Queen City Yacht Club.  
1944-1950 Sherman 6 years    
1950-1951 Haley 1 year    
1951-1955 Woods (Jim) and
Peters (Irene and John)
3 years  
  • At this point, had an old automobile Chrysler gas engine with a massive Pallmer reverse gear.
1955-1960 Woods (Jim) and Coyle (Dan) 5 years Pioneer Boatyards just upstream of the West Seattle Bridge on the Duwamish River.
  • Repowered with a 34 hp Redwing 4 cylinder gasoline engine.
  • Opened up the companionway from the wheelhouse.
1960-1962 Woods (Jim) 3 years    
1962-1968 Erickson (Rod and Laura) 6 years  
  • Installed a Buda DA 25 hp diesel engine. It weighed about 950 pounds to produce 25 hp.
1968-1982 Coughlan (Jim and Pat) 14 years Based out of Anacortes.  
1982-1986 Hohman (Russ and Anne) 4 years Schwartz Bay, British Columbia. Lived aboard with 3 children.  
1986-1990 Norton (Marcie and Jay) 4 years Lived aboard in Anacortes and Whidbey.
  • Major hull restoration at Port Townsend shipwright's co-op
1990-1995 Slocum 5 years Moored near Ballard.
  • Major enhancements to pilot house interior
  • Updated wiring and steering
1995-1997 Parsons 2 years Moored in Portage Bay at the Seattle Yacht Club
  • Repowered with a 4-cylinder Isuzu Diesel engine.
1997- Davis (Betsy)   Moored in Portage Bay at the Seattle Yacht Club
  • Almost lost in marina fire at Seattle Yacht club.
  • Major restoration at Seattle Central Community College's boatbuilding program.


This chronology is a "work-in-progress". It is based on materials which previous GloryBe owners collected, and from visits and emails from various people who've known the boat over the years. If you have any additions or corrections, please email me!