GloryBe Restoration
Marina Fire
Cabin Sides


Dave, Roger and Ryan discuss strategy for bending the mahagonny for the cabin sides.


Roger built the jig. He made the curve several inches more than what was needed to allow for springback.


The wood is milled prior to layup.


After steaming, the wood was clamped to the jig. (A group project.)



Ryan removing the clamps.




Voila. The wood is a new shape.


And it fits!


The two pieces of mahagonny were splined together to make a smooth and strong cabinside.. (The splines are thin strips of wood that run the length of the cabinside holding adjacent pieces of wood tight.)


Each of the pieces of mahagonny is routed to create a place for the spline to sit.


Once the spline was in place it was glued.


The glued cabinside was sanded before installation.


Port cabinside in.

Starboard cabinside in.



Planing the top of the cabinside.



Measuring to mark the aft end of the cabinsides.