GloryBe Restoration
Marina Fire

Early on. A few new frames in the cockpit. You can also look at the progress of restoring the boat's stern..


Randy replacing rotted bilge stringer by scarfing in a new piece of wood..


Clamping the new stringer into place.


View of the cockpit with new frames and stringer in place.


New floor beams in place. Note they now rest on a shelf which helps spread the load. Before they were fastened right into the frames.



Cockpit floor framed in.


Before the cockpit sole (floor) went down, the plumbing went in. That included through-hulls for three scuppers, the through-hull for the icebox, and this anti-siphon valve for the aft bilge pump.



Installing the sole (floor).


Trimming off the sides.


Glassing over the plywood.


New cockpit floor is in place with a layer of fiberglass over it to keep water from the bilge. Anti-siphon valve for the aft bilge pump is in place.


Framing for seats.


Bringing in the old ice chest.


Planning the installation of the ice chest.


Installing the icechest.


Insulation in place around the ice chest.


Installing ceiling on the sides of the cockpit.


Working on the bulkhead and door for the rear of the pilot house.


Installing tongue and groove on the seats.


Structure for the seats going in.