GloryBe Restoration
Marina Fire


The deck as it was when we started the restoration.


Removing the old deck.


Removing the old deck beams.


Most of the old deck is removed.


The jig for making the new laminated deck beams with an old deck beam alongside.


Planing the Alaskan yellow cedar to be used in the deck beams


Laminations of yellow cedar glued together with epoxy and clamped on the jig.


Sanding the laminations.


Cutting the laminated pieces to the width of the deck beams.


Installing deck beams.


Problem-solving to ensure a consistent camber in the deck.


Installing temporary shores to ensure proper camber in the beams.


Some of the deck beams in place.

Two close-up photos of the deck beam installation.


Ensuring proper spacing of new deck beams.


Installing deck beams into the sheer clamp..


Cutting notches in the blocking to accept the new deck beams.


Installing blocking in between each frame head. Deck will be fastened to this blocking..


Another photo of the small pieces of wood fastened for stability to the outside of the clamp between the frames.


Trimming ends of deck beams.


Deck beams in place with opening for forward hatch, sampson post, and blocking for windlass.


Blocking in the deck to help support the windlass.



A new sampson post in place.


A new tray in the anchor lockerright under the forward deckto keep dirty water introduced by the anchor from going into the bilge. (Shavings are from fairing the deck beams.)


Starting to fair the deck using a power planer.


More fairing of the deck before decking goes down.


Using a batten to ensure that the edge of the deck is fair.



Checking the fairness from a distance.


Fairing final (aft) deck beams.

Figuring out how the windlass will be mounted.


Milling tongue and groove for the decking.


Decking starting to go down.



Tapping the heads of the ring nails down so the plywood can lie flush on the deck.


Sanding the tongue and groove in preparation for putting down the plywood.


Plywood going down over the fir tongue and groove.

Prepping deck for canvas to go down.

More prep.


Cutting the canvas


Placing canvas on deck (which has wet paint on it)


Smoothing canvas.


Painting the canvas once it's in place.


Tacking the canvas down.

Handling the corners.


Stretching the canvas tight before tacking it.

Canvas going down on forward deck.

Spraying water to help stretch the canvas. (The canvas is 10' wide and the boat 9'9").


Butterfly hatch underway.