GloryBe Restoration
Marina Fire

The remains of the galley after the fire..


First phase of galley restoration. Roger is leaning against a short bulkhead just aft of the galley. This bulkhead was cut short to remove burn damage and new plywood is spliced in. Deck beams for side deck are attached to sheer clamp.


The beginnings of the side-deck being constructed.


The side deck outboard of galley is nearly finished. Deck beams are in, carlin is in. Deck break is framed, capped, and planked on inside face in this photo.


The outside of the side deck is in place and caulked.


Trim for passageway on forward end of galley.


Cabin side in and deck beams in place to hold chart table which sits above the galley.


Removing some old plywood in order to redo the stove installation in a way that gives the appropriate airspace around it.

Removing more of the previous stove installation.



Template for galley counter.


Preparing the new countertop.


Preparing mortise and tenon joints for the corners of the countertop.


Tongue and groove backsplash.


Putting on the sea rail.


The new knee offers both beauty and strength.