GloryBe Restoration
Marina Fire
Arriving and Stabilizing the Hull

GloryBe arrives at Seattle Central Community College.


Backing into the wood shop.


From inside the shop.


GloryBe in the shop before the restoration has begun.


A few temporary clamps helped hold her shape for the trailer ride to the school.


A temporary clamp (which Dave is pointing to) is installed on both sides to hold the shape of the boat.


Here's another view of the temporary clamps which are held on both sides of the boats by long pieces of rod going cross-wise through the boat.


Another view of the temporary clamp. Port side this time.


Now a number of pipe clamps have been installed across the boat around midships.


The temporary clamp is bolted across the bow up near the clamp. This happened prior to any work removing and replacing the stem began.


Here you can see one of the many pieces of rod which se put across the boat.


One of the rods passed through the head.


In the settee area there were bar clamps holding the two sides of the boat together.




Two by four's were installed running fore and aft in the boat to help lend support to the deck.