GloryBe Restoration
Marina Fire


Where we started...


We removed the old structure around the quadrant.

New frames, new stringer portion scarfed in, some new planks, and the stern "breast hook" in place.


New clamp in place and an additional piece inside the clamp for extra stability.


Stern "breast hook" being secured.


New installation in place.


Scott removed part of the stern "stem" since it wouldn't hold the fasteners from the planking.

He chiselled out the old wood.


The new piece in place. There is a thick piece of wood on the forward side of the new piece of stem which extends down below. It is glued and fastened to both the new piece of stem and the old in order to firmly hold the new piece in place.

There were a few other pockets of soft wood which we removed and replaced with engraving pieces in order to have a good place for the plank's fasteners to grab.