Marina Fire

GloryBe came into the boatbuilding shop at Seattle Central Community College's Marine Carpentry program in March of 2002. Each month since then (with the exception of the summer months) the students have worked on her restoration. If you're interested, you can see a chronology of the restoration by month.
Because the damage from the marina fire was so severe, there are many different projects involved in the restoration. From this link, you can choose to see chronologies of some of the main projects which the students have been doing.
Many many hands are involved in the restoration of GloryBe. The work would not be happening without the efforts of the entire crew!
If you're interested in knowing more about the components and systems that make up GloryBe, you can read about the wood, hardware, and systems which are being used in her restoration.
  To read an article which was written about the restoration process for the local Classic Yacht Association newsletter, click here.